Spur Control Done Right! - Volume 1 : Preparing Your Horse for the Spur Control
Preparing Your Horse for the Spur Control •Learn to layer a solid foundation for the spur control •Learn the positive of the "Spur Control" •Learn invaluable exercises to maintain your horse’s acceptance to your leg. •Learn how to read your horse’s body language and keep them relaxed and happy. Dana Hokana is one of the top female trainers in the...(more)

Long Distance Riding – Training Guide for Competitive & Endurance Trail Riding

Investing in Your Horse's Future - Kendal Owen

Riding With Your Mind Series 1, DVD 3 : Sitting Trot: Working on the Bit

Get Connected - Hunter Seat Equitation Flatwork

Renewing the Mind of the Seasoned Pleasure Horse - Mitch Leckey

Safe Horsemanship for Kids with Clinton Anderson

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