Hands On : Muscles, Massage and Magnetism
Learn how to improve the athletic performance of your horse with the well known Chartered Physiotherapist Mary Bromiley, a leading expert in this field with over 25 years experience. Massage for muscle care is an ancient art and this program is designed to give a better understanding of the reasons for massage. Mary starts by introducing...(more)

Nuno Oliveira: 20 Years Later

Symmetry in Motion - Re-alignment of Horse & Rider using Myofascial Release – Doris Halstead PT and Carrie Cameron PT

Advanced Horsemanship with Guy McLean – On the Ground and Under Saddle

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Braiding with Horsehair

Riding the Wave 2 - The Power of Finesse

Cowboy Dressage - First 8 Tests and Freestyle

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