Classical Versus Classique Dressage
This DVD documents a fascinating event in the dressage world, a meeting of not only two of the world's leading dressage trainers, Philippe Karl and Christoph Hess, but also a meeting of differing training methods. When Philippe Karl published his book 'Twisted Truths of Modern Dressage' feelings began to run very high. French instructor Philippe Karl...(more)

Dressage Naturally Vol 4: Playing with Posture II

Rudolf Zeilinger Riding & Lecturing on Festival

Klaus Balkenhol Training Trilogy - From Foal to Grand Prix Horse : Part 1 : From Foal to Novice Horse

Natural Training for Miniature Horses: Session 1

Happy Horse Solutions with Jane Savoie - Schooling the Walk

Training a Smooth Gait, Naturally!

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