GiddyUpFlix is a family owned business that began operation in 2007. We have a love and respect for horses and ALL animals of God's creation! Our goal with this web site is to allow fellow horse lovers a way to be able to access top-quality horse training videos from the Best in the Business for a low monthly membership fee and to also create an online community for horse owners, riders and trainers.

We carry instructional videos from the world's TOP TRAINERS such as Clinton Anderson, Pat Parelli, Jane Savoie, Chris Cox, John Lyons, Ken McNabb, Mark Rashid, Stacy Westfall, Sylvia Loch and MANY OTHERS! We even have some of the lesser known trainers that we think are great that you can get to know for yourself!

We have realized over time by viewing horse training DVDs and attending workshop ourselves that every trainer has a little something different and unique to share! And the more variety in different philosophies and viewpoints you receive from these trainers, the more well-rounded and confident you will become with your horse!

Attending workshops and seminars by these trainers can be very costly and time consuming ! And purchasing some of their DVDs at retail value can cost as much as $300.00!

GiddyUpFlix allows you to rent DVDs for a LOW Monthly Membership Fee, NO LATE FEES, Keep the DVDs as LONG AS YOU WANT and NO SHIPPING FEES! This allows you to view the lessons at your own pace without worrying about when to return them. You can take the time you need to review the training methods and practice them with your horse until you feel you are ready to return the DVD in the prepaid shipping envelope.


We realize that there are other online horse DVD rental web sites out there, but you'll see that we have ALOT MORE TO OFFER!! We currently have the LARGEST SELECTION OF HORSE TRAINING DVD TITLES AVAILABLE FOR RENT on the Web! Look for yourself and compare! And we're always adding the Newest Titles Releases so you'll never run out of good horse viewing material when you become a member of the GiddyUpFlix Family. Also, you can CANCEL AT ANYTIME!

Whether your interests are Western Pleasure, English Dressage, Rodeo, Showing & Competition, Natural Horsemanship, Holistic Training, Gaited Horsemanship Training, Reining, Roping, Driving, Round Penning, Trail Riding, Trailering, Grooming, Hoof Care or any other training that involves horses....we've got a lot to choose from!!!

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