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101 Horsekeeping Tips  by Cherry Hill
Title: 101 Horsekeeping Tips
Instructor: Cherry Hill

This DVD has Six chapters: Handling Grooming Feeding Health Care Facilities Tack Each chapter is packed with practical ideas - "mini-movies" - that will help you take better care of your horses, save you money, make your horse handling safer and...(more)

After the Wreck by Steve Edwards
Title: After the Wreck
Instructor: Steve Edwards

Sandie had a dream to ride her mule she raised. She purchased all of Steve's training DVDs and went to clinics. Thinking she was ready for her fist ride, she made some major mistakes on...(more)

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Communicating with Mules by Steve Edwards
Title: Communicating with Mules
Instructor: Steve Edwards

Steve Edwards travels throughout the United States giving clinics on mule handling. He teaches a course in mulemanship at Los Angeles Pierce College, where students earn a mule trainer’s certificate. He frequently appears on Rural...(more)

Donkey Hooves: Inside and Out by Pete Ramey
Title: Donkey Hooves: Inside and Out
Instructor: Pete Ramey

In this 3-disc DVD set, Ivy and Pete Ramey will take you to visit wild burros in the Mojave Desert, and discuss their needs, lifestyle and how we may use this information to make a...(more)

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Donkey Training with Crystal Ward by Crystal Ward
Title: Donkey Training with Crystal Ward
Instructor: Crystal Ward

Perfect for the novice donkey owner who wants to know basic training techniques and general information on donkey ownership. This video answers all of the commonly asked questions about donkey or burro ownership: - Leading - Standing...(more)

Fundamentals of Riding Horses & Mules by Jerry Tindell
Title: Fundamentals of Riding Horses & Mules
Instructor: Jerry Tindell

"Fundamentals of Riding" presents a quick review of round pen and ground work, then proceeds through saddling, bridling, mounting, flexion, yielding the hindquarters, softening the neck, stop, go, walk, trot, lope, turn right, turn left,...(more)

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Groundworking the Horse and Mule by Rocky Mountain School
Title: Groundworking the Horse and Mule
Instructor: Rocky Mountain School

Groundwork is the foundation of good horse training, whether you are showing a reined cow horse, working as a cowboy, packing a mule, trail riding, or training for the public. Having a good round pen...(more)

Introduction to Mulemanship  by Brad Cameron
Title: Introduction to Mulemanship
Instructor: Brad Cameron

• Basic Knowledge on Mules • Training Equipment • Terminology • Examples of Finished Groundwork In this informational video, Brad shows you how useful a saddle mule can be and what to look for when...(more)

Jack Strode\'s Mule School  by
Title: Jack Strode's Mule School

Jack Strode's Mule School Legendary mulemen Malcolm Jessup and the late Jack Strode use a green team comprised of willful 4-year-old Alice and her 2-year-old teammate Matty to take you step-by-step through the crucial first...(more)

Mula: The Long-Eared Hero of the Old Spanish Trail by Miscellaneous
Title: Mula: The Long-Eared Hero of the Old Spanish Trail
Instructor: Miscellaneous

A most spectacular horse and mule raid took place in California in 1840. A motley crew of thieves raided ranchos and missions from Monterey to San Diego. Why would they risk their lives? Everyone wanted...(more)

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