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Bag of Magic Tricks by Sandy Collier
Title: Bag of Magic Tricks
Instructor: Sandy Collier

Once in a great while, a training video comes along that is so good I feel absolutely compelled to tell people about it. This is one of those times. If you ride reiners, cow horses, barrel...(more)

Championship Pole Bending by Ross Carnahan
Title: Championship Pole Bending
Instructor: Ross Carnahan

Ross Carnahan has won World Championships in Pole Bending seven times and holds both junior and senior record times set at the AQHA World show. In 1984 he won both the junior and senior pole...(more)

Foundation Level I Study Series - Les Vogt by Les Vogt
Title: Foundation Level I Study Series - Les Vogt
Instructor: Les Vogt

Foundation Level Study Series - Les Vogt The Foundation Level covers all the early training that goes into a top notch performance horse. Les shows you how to create softness in the neck and body...(more)

Rent Set
Pole Bending by Marlene McRae
Title: Pole Bending
Instructor: Marlene McRae

With so many variables involved, Pole Bending is a rode event requiring great precision. Add the speed of a good horse to that and the event gets complicated fast. Learn from this DVD what it takes...(more)

Starting the Speed Event Horse: Pole Bending by Doug Leasor
Title: Starting the Speed Event Horse: Pole Bending
Instructor: Doug Leasor

Doug is an accomplished horseman who has trained horses that have won the All American Quarter Horse Congress, Reserve AQHYA World Championships, AQHA World Show qualifiers and Award winners and AQHA High Point title earners....(more)

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