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Bag of Magic Tricks by Sandy Collier
Title: Bag of Magic Tricks
Instructor: Sandy Collier

Once in a great while, a training video comes along that is so good I feel absolutely compelled to tell people about it. This is one of those times. If you ride reiners, cow horses, barrel...(more)

Breakaway Roping & Heading Fundamentals by Lari Dee Guy
Title: Breakaway Roping & Heading Fundamentals
Instructor: Lari Dee Guy

Lari Dee grew up with a rope in her hand and has spent her entire life around the rodeo arena. She has proven her skills time and again as a breakaway roper and as a...(more)

Calf Roping with Brent Lewis by Brent Lewis
Title: Calf Roping with Brent Lewis
Instructor: Brent Lewis

Brent Lewis holds the record for banking calf roping money at the NFR. He’s a million dollar cowboy with two reserve world titles. As a master horseman, he’s trained and ridden two horses to the...(more)

Calf Roping with James Zant by Miscellaneous
Title: Calf Roping with James Zant
Instructor: Miscellaneous

James Zant is a consistent winner in the sport of calf roping. He’s also one of the best teachers around. Spend and hour and a half with James and you’ll get new ideas about every...(more)

Calf Roping with Joe Beaver by Joe Beaver
Title: Calf Roping with Joe Beaver
Instructor: Joe Beaver

Joe is a world champion and a teacher of winning techniques. With this video you’ll learn how to practice for your horse and for yourself, about equipment and how to make your ties accurate and...(more)

Champion Style Heading by Walt Woodard
Title: Champion Style Heading
Instructor: Walt Woodard

2-Time World Champion Walt Woodard discusses and demonstrates his winning techniques. A blueprint for your roping success!

Cow Horse 101 by Lyn Anderson
Title: Cow Horse 101
Instructor: Lyn Anderson

School has started, please take your seats! This DVD is aimed at the person new to stockhorse events, and wants to get started with reined cow horses. Lyn offers her insights and suggestions for the rider...(more)

Cow Horse Showmanship by Lyn Anderson
Title: Cow Horse Showmanship
Instructor: Lyn Anderson

Lyn shares her methods to prepare a show horse, school at home for small problems that will plague you at a show, reduce penalties in the show situation, and tips on what catches the judges...(more)

Driven with Patrick Smith by Patrick Smith
Title: Driven with Patrick Smith
Instructor: Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith's “Driven” DVD features instruction, mental prep and his life story. Patrick has PRCA Career Earnings of $1,295,783.00 and 2 World Titles Won in 2005 and 2010

Foundation Level I Study Series - Les Vogt by Les Vogt
Title: Foundation Level I Study Series - Les Vogt
Instructor: Les Vogt

Foundation Level Study Series - Les Vogt The Foundation Level covers all the early training that goes into a top notch performance horse. Les shows you how to create softness in the neck and body...(more)

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