Horsemanship & Horse Training for Team Ropers  by Les Vogt

Horsemanship & Horse Training for Team Ropers
Les Vogt

This DVD features Tommy Sondgroth, Les Vogt, Cody Cowden, Benny Guitron, Carl Wilken.

"Horsemanship and Horse Training for Team Ropers" brings together three PRCA ropers and three accomplished bridle horse trainers, each discussing an aspect of roping and the horsemanship that goes with it. Our featured trainers are Cody Cowden discussing the importance of consistency and keeping good position throughout a run on both head and heel horses. Benny Guitron shows what it takes to show rope horses at the world class level in AQHA competition. Carl Wilken teaches the importance of a good handle and demonstrates some steer stopping drills to keep a head horse honest. John Deaton demonstrates an innovative technique to sharpen a head horse's ability to face quick. Les Vogt explains the concept of keeping a horse "framed up". Les shows the viewer that proper frame is what allows a horse to use its hind end and stop more effectively. Tommy Sondgroth demonstrates a light and responsive horse and relates that to the potential benefits to a team roping horse.

The focus on good riding skills as the basis of good roping skills, in combination with the use of multiple trainers, make this DVD a first of its kind for the team roping industry. This DVD goes into detail giving ropers the tools to train their horses to work better and last longer.

Top Clinician Tommy Sondgroth hosts this unique 90 minute training program. This DVD is a combination of Champion Bridle Horse Trainers and successful PRCA cowboys demonstrating to team ropers more effective ways to ride and train their horses. This video goes into detail, giving ropers the tools to train their horses to work better and last longer.

Running time 90 minutes

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Rodeo/Team Roping

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