Bits and Saddle Fit by Larry Whitesell

Bits and Saddle Fit
Larry Whitesell

This DVD is divided into 2 separate sections, Bits and Saddle Fit.


Larry talks about bits and the differences between shank bits and snaffle bits, hackamore and more.

Larry explains and shows how you use different bits and when you should use different bits in the different stages of training your horse.

You cannot get vertical flexion until you get lateral flexion. Certain bits teach vertical and certain bits teach lateral flexion.

Larry will show you all the important information you need relating to bits for your horse.

This is probably one of the most informative and useful videos on bitting on the market.


While Larry's specialty is gaited horses, alot of the information in this section is applicable to all horses.

Saddle fit is very critical to the movement of your horse.

A bad fitting saddle, especially in gaited horses, is going to destroy the movement of the horse or hurt the horse's attitude.

Gaited horses are usually wider in the gullet than most, so if the saddle isn't wide enough or pinches the horse, it tends to make the horses pace.

Larry also discusses the importance of a proper saddle tree and proper weight on the horse's shoulders. All the top horsemen in the world are riding saddles with trees, such as the Spanish Horse Riding School. Larry explains why this is such an important part of the saddle.

Larry discusses the "twist" of the horse and the importance of measuring it.

Larry will tell you everything he knows about proper saddle fit and he demonstrates on live horses such as a Quarterhorse and a Paso Fino in an arena setting.

Excellent video!

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