STARTING COLTS, Volume One, Ground Work by Mike Kevil

STARTING COLTS, Volume One, Ground Work
Mike Kevil

This is the DVD version of Mike's popular book, and it's a sensible gentle, and timeless approach to training the young horse. This volume explains how the horse learns, and includes catching and leading, tying, longeing, saddling, bridling, and driving. Mike shows the right way and the wrong way for doing each.

60 minutes

Mike Kevil has over 30 years experience starting colts and changing the behavior of older horses. He has been all over the US and to Europe working with all breeds of horses and disciplines. He works with clubs, associations, schools, neighborhood groups and prisons. The countless colts that Mike has started have gone on to become champions in a wide range and variety of disciplines. But most important the horses became winners in the hearts of the owners.

Often referred to as "the thinking person's cowboy," Mike has made a remarkable career observing, identifying, reasoning things through, then teaching what he's learned to both horses and their owners.

Before the modern day term "Horse Whisperer" and the training practices that terminology denotes came into vogue, Mike was a master practitioner of this art. His style of patient, steady training, with an emphasis on understanding the horse, rather than forcing it to blindly yield, sets him in a class by himself. Today, in a world where more and more horse trainers and amateur enthusiasts are using methods similar to Mike's, this horseman remains at the head of the class, beside the very best in his field

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Colt/Foal Training
WESTERN - Groundwork

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