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Horse Talk - Relationship by Cynthia Royal

Horse Talk - Relationship
Cynthia Royal

Horse Talk - Relationship

You dream of an equine partner eager to follow your lead. A companion and friend ready to carry you down the trail or to competition victory. A horse that doesn't crowd, bite or step on your toes, who stands politely for mounting, care and feeding. But this isn't your horse. You'e tried various fixes, but see only slight or temporary improvement. The issue isn't the horse, but a failure to communicate. Just as it is difficult to ask directions in a foreign country, it is even more difficult to communicate without a common language.

Join equine performer, trainer and clinician Cynthia Royal, host and performer Tony Royal, Lord of The Rings Shadowfax movie star horse Blanco and their international cast of horses as they share the critical missing link in almost every equine program, HORSE TALK Relationship. Rather than use inventions of force and restraint your horse doesn?t understand, like drills in a round pen, at the end of a lead rope or other conventional schooling, HORSE TALK Relationship opens the lines of communication, using horse language and culture. This results in a dialog your horse will instinctively understand, paving the way for further training in any discipline. Easy to use and applicable to all horses regardless of age, training or history, HORSE TALK Relationship will teach you to communicate in the language of horses, transforming your relationship from resistance and frustration to cooperative ease, transcending everyday behavioral issues. You will discover the horse of your dreams and forever transform your relationship with your horse.

Cynthia Royal

Exposed to movie star horses in early childhood by family friend and trainer of Trigger and The Black Stallion, horses have always played a starring role in Cynthia’s life. Her unique ability to interact with animals in an intuitive and uncomplicated way has lead to training experience with both exotic and domestic species of animals, including her horse Blanco, who starred as Shadowfax in the Lord of The Rings movies.

Her true passion is working with horses unrestrained by tack in the seldom seen art of “liberty”. “Having a 1,200 lb. animal charging toward you and rearing on command, hooves only inches from your head is exhilarating” says Cynthia, whose horses perform guided by subtle cues of voice and movement. “It’s a testament to the collaboration possible when a horse and human truly connect.” An extension of this connection is her ability to ride without saddle or bridle. “Bridleless riding is magical” explains Cynthia, “it’s a moment of oneness – like being in a dream.”

Cynthia’s carpe diem moment came after Salmonella poisoning requiring two heart surgeries caused a brush with death. With the clarity she’d been waiting for, she traded in corporate life to focus on a visionary theatrical show of her creation called IMAGINE – Discover The Fantasy – a decision she credits with saving her life. An extension of her passion for horses, love of fantasy entertainment and desire to inspire others, the show will bring the creatures of legend and myth to life. Based in Las Vegas with a cast of the world’s most beautiful horses, this total-immersion experience will be a multi-media, live-action, extravaganza beyond anything currently in existence today.

A highly skilled and motivational speaker, Cynthia eagerly coaches others in achieving the same extraordinary relationship she has with her animals. As seen on the Follow Your Dreams! Tour, upcoming HORSE TALK television show and new video training series she delivers a revolutionary force-free, relationship-based method using horse culture and language. Translating complex concepts into relevant examples with ease, Cynthia can teach anyone how to “Talk Horse” in a way that is fun, easy to learn and easy to apply.

See Cynthia with Shadowfax star Blanco in performances and clinics with IMAGINE – Discover The Magic throughout North America in 2008 on the Follow Your Dreams! Tour.

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