Speaking From the Saddle by Dan Bowman

Speaking From the Saddle
Dan Bowman

You will learn:

- Lateral flexibility from the Saddle
- How to move all four quarters equally
- How to direct and drive from the Saddle
- How to do a One Rein Stop and why
- Why your body position is important
- How to do a side pass
- How to back up your horse
- How to teach your horse to neck rein
- How to use your legs and improve your timing
- How to trail ride using only your legs
- All about bridling and saddling
- Pressure and release form the saddle

About Dan:

Dan's method is down to earth and easy for anyone to understand. It doesn't matter if you have had horses for years or you just bought your first horse. Dan Bowman has worked with horses for over 30 years. He has studied with some of the world’s finest trainers traveling across the U.S. His continuing education has allowed him to share his knowledge in a down to earth and easy to understand method.

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Natural Horse Training

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