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Cinch Making 101 - Part 2 by Darin Alexander

Cinch Making 101 - Part 2
Darin Alexander

Cinch Making 101 - Part 2

Cinch Making 101 Part 2 builds on what was learned in the first DVD and is a good next-step for those already comfortable with the tied cinch style. We pick up the pace and are able to walk you through the progressive steps required to make top quality roper and cutter cinches.

Tips are also shared for dealing with even number strands when making diamond tips, principles of splicing for diamonds, considerations about designing a cord cinch that conforms to the animals body, and much more.

Darin Alexander recieved a growing number of requests from folks who wish to make their own woven roper and cutter cinches. The importance tension plays in crafting a comfortable and healthy using woven cinch, can not be over-stressed. Because of this, Mr. Alexander has developed progressive steps geared toward demonstrating keys to confident creation of these more popular cinches. There is a growing interest in learning to make your own quality cinches because upon doing so, you discover keys to identify well constructed cinches and gain a greater understanding of how to make adjustments that benefit your horse or mule.

About Darin Alexander
On July 4th, 1992 Mr. Alexander accepted an invitation to conduct a public Saddle Cinch Making Presentation at the Rodeo in Ten Sleep, Wyoming. Since that time he has been honored to share the ropes with folks in a wide variety of venues detailed in the history part of the site. Now you have an opportunity to learn cinch making in the comfort of your own home.

The DVD is approximately 120 minutes running time.


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