Solving Trail Problems by Charles Wilhelm

Solving Trail Problems
Charles Wilhelm

This DVD covers:

On the Ground:
- Starting over objects

In the Saddle:
- Starting over objects
- Dragging objects
- Jigging on the Trail
- Buddy sourness

In this DVD, Willhelm trains you to use his tried and true principles in training your horse. Go inside the horse's mind to see how he thinks and learns, so you can communicate in a language your horse understands. Discover why and how foundation training works. Wilhelm's uniquely successful methods will help you build a relationship that's more rewarding for both you and your horse--one that lasts a lifetime.

56 minutes

Charles Wilhelm's unique approach to horse training enables horse owners to train their own horses.

Charles is the creator of Ultimate Foundation Training; equine training techniques that combine the best of traditional, classical and natural horsemanship into a methodology that is applicable to every riding discipline.

His extensive background of over thirty five years of training includes Dressage, Working Cow Horse, Reining, Western Pleasure and Trail class. He is known for his superb skills in communicating and motivating people as well as his astounding natural abilities with the horse. He believes that “It’s Never, Ever the Horse’s Fault” and his training methods reflect that belief. Charles is one of the few trainers specializing in re-schooling horses with often-severe issues.

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Problem Horse
Trail Riding

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