Conformation Biomechanics: The Building Blocks of Conformation by Dr. Deb Bennett

Conformation Biomechanics: The Building Blocks of Conformation
Dr. Deb Bennett

The main lesson in this 4-DVD set is "form to function" - how different body proportions help a horse to do athletic work. Dr. Deb goes into detail concerning plusses to look for and problem areas to avoid in making a purchase. You will find many pointers on how to tell what your horse might be good at, so as to help you design the best training program for horses of different build.

Conformation is the study of body proportions, and the external appearance of the body is largely the result of proportions of the skeleton within. So that you can learn these relationships easily and directly, Dr. Deb works back and forth between her handsome gelding Oliver and an actual horse skeleton, guiding your study of the topline, underline, neck, shoulder, back, haunch, forelimbs, hindlimbs, and hooves. Biomechanical models and graphics expand understanding of joint function and hindlimb angles. This program features many of Dr. Debs innovations in horse conformation and biomechanics, including palpation points, how to calculate overall body balance, the importance of analytical planes in assessing the straightness of limbs, how much "bone" is enough, head-twirling, the three stages of collection, whole-body straightness, and the global effects of overall size and weight.

More than 25 years ago, Dr. Deb began impacting the horse industry by raising conformation study from mere fault-picking to systematic science. This DVD program brings together a lifetime of data-gathering and observation from one of the worlds premier conformation analyst - you will not want to miss it.

Total run time: over 7.5 hrs.

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