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Loading and Hauling Tips by Jimmy Williams

Loading and Hauling Tips
Jimmy Williams

LOADING AND HAULING TIPS: Get first-hand instruction from one of America’s leading horsemen. Learn his techniques for teaching young inexperienced horses as well as difficult horses to load into ramp and step-up trailers. Learn what Jimmy looks for when selecting a trailer and most importantly how to haul your horse safely.

JIMMY WILLIAMS shares with you 50 years of experience with Stock, Hunter, and Jumper horses. This “Horsemen of the Year” for the American Horse Show Association has had six of his students become members of the United States equestrian team. Now you can see and hear Jimmy Williams in motion picture style DVD as he takes YOU through the training programs.to load or have taken on the responsibility of taking the young horse on his first road trip. Jimmy demonstrates how to make sure as he puts it, you never fight out of your weight division.

His succinct and level headed advice and tips go a long way to ensuring that your horse learns how to safely load on either a step up trailer or using a ramp. Also advice on driving skills that are a necessary must for the soft ride that keeps you and your horse safe. In addition to sharing his knowledge and techniques for horse travel/loading/hauling Jimmy also advises here on what he looks for when buying a trailer. Great advice from one of the great horse masters of our time.

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