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The 10 Minute Trim by Shane Ransley

The 10 Minute Trim
Shane Ransley

Shane describes and shows you how to find clear reference points on the hoof so you can easily learn to balance and align your horse's hoof like a professional.

Once you learn to follow the reference points shown in this DVD, you will find it so simple to do your horse's feet that you will wonder why you didn't do it this way before.

Throughout the world, Quantum Savvy is a trusted name in Natural Horsemanship.

Shane is a true visionary and leader in developing horses and humans. His time is spent educating Quantum Savvy’s top students to become outstanding horsemen and instructors, and in developing and improving the QS Programme’s teaching systems. Both he and Meredith are committed to providing exceptional horsemanship knowledge to Quantum Savvy students from all over the world.

Shane’s creed for Quantum Savvy’s foundation lay in 3 keys:

1. that horses should have options;
2. that horses learn by when comfort is offered; and
3. that success is found by following a repeatable programme.

This title is in the following categories:

Care & Nutrition
Grooming & Shoeing
Hoof Care

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