Less is More... A Better Way of Handling   Horses by Dan Sumerel

Less is More... A Better Way of Handling Horses
Dan Sumerel

The LESS IS MORE DVD set shows nine different horses going into the round pen, with their owners. Here is where Dan differs from many other trainers; he will work with one horse, always achieving wonderful results, then the owners go into the round pen, one by one. Under Dan's superb tutelage, each owner approaches and works with their horse, adapting the concepts and methods to fit each horse. We must remember, that every horse is different, just as we are! Yes, they share common traits, just as humans do, but each and every horse has a different personality.

Some are more timid than others, and require less animation. Others are more stoic, or stubborn. Some horses have always been in charge of their humans, and take longer to come around. But, come around they do.... each and every one of them. All of the horses enter the roundpen showing their unique personality, and EVERY single horse leaves the round pen calm, respectful and attentive. Remember, each horse is worked AT LIBERTY in the round pen; without the usual use of FORCE and UNNECESSARY EQUIPMENT that is so common in our world today. This gives the horses the freedom to express their feelings about their human in a safe environment. And, it gives the human the opportunity to influence the horse so that it will become attentive, remain that way, move when asked to, and stop when asked. And, since this is all done at Liberty, it makes this degree of communication between horse and owner even more powerful.

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