Saddle Seat Equitation by Helen Crabtree

Saddle Seat Equitation
Helen Crabtree

In this DVD, Ms. Crabtree begins with the importance of the correct use of equipment and attire. She then proceeds to show the correct form of riding. This is followed by demonstrating the correct and incorrect performances of various equitation patterns. She ends her dvd by discussing the finer points of seat and hands. A must for all Saddle Seat riders! 60 minutes.

About Helen

Helen Crabtree (December 14, 1915-January 4, 2002) is perhaps the most important woman in the history of Saddle Seat Riding. She literally wrote the book on Saddle Seat Equitation as her 1970 book Saddle Seat Equitation continues to be "the Bible" to equitation instructors and would-be equitation riders. For decades Crabtree Stables was a World Champion machine, churning out 75 world champion American Saddlebred horses and countless equitation champions including 22 winners of the National Equitation Championships.

This title is in the following categories:

Gaits - Gaited
WESTERN - Under Saddle

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