Millions In Winning Runs - Troy Crumrine by Troy Crumrine

Millions In Winning Runs - Troy Crumrine
Troy Crumrine

With well over $3 million in winnings, 35 saddles, 15 trailers and 45 buckles Troy Crumrine has established him self among barrel racing’s elite competitors and earned star status. Wins at Fort Smith, Oklahoma City, Old Fort Days, Speedhorse, and BFA Worlds are a testament to his ability and his talent. A resume like Troy’s is more than impressive, it is awe inspiring. The accolades and awards are proof that his training program works, and that his methods create champions. This video finds Troy offering you the opportunity to learn directly from him what it takes to earn Millions in Winning Runs!!

Troy effortlessly jumps into his training philosophies and just keeps on going. From tips that will strengthen your horse’s foundation – to mental toughness and equipment selection, Troy allows you into his training program and shows you how he has created champions. A good portion of Troy’s training program is geared toward making a horse “wickedly fast” in the turns, and he takes time in this video to show you exercises that will create that kind of turning machine.

A large part of any barrel racers program is spent addressing issues that arise as our horses move from the training pen to the competition arena. Troy is not immune to these types of issues and in this video he takes time to address some common issues that plague many of us, and offers different drills and solutions for keeping your horse attentive and performing at a peak level.

This video is suitable for beginner to advanced riders with at least average riding ability, and the exercises presented here are suitable for young to finished horses. Troy discusses such topics as the importance of a strong foundation including ground work and flexibility, tack and equipment selection, forward motion, the importance of whoa, your pocket within the pattern, relaxation in the turns and mental preparation.

This video will be one that you watch over and over again as you learn something new each time. From achieving a desirable headset and perfecting your pocket, to bit selection and the use of draw reins. Troy covers all the bases in this video, and shows you how to put them together to make a Winning Run!

DVD approx. 1 hr. 20 min.

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