The Trainers Trainer - Bo Hill by Bo Hill

The Trainers Trainer - Bo Hill
Bo Hill

Bo Hill is a multi-circuit qualifier and successful futurity trainer. She and her husband Jeff Switzer run Dodge Pawn Shop in Dodge City, Kansas. The family operated shop is the inspiration for Bo’s brand, which has become synonymous with easy to ride, hard running, quality barrel horses. Bo’s horses leave her ranch with a solid foundation, and other trainers recognize that fact. So it’s no surprise that Bo has started many champions that have been purchased and campaigned by other trainers in the futurity world. Horses like Twist of Fame, Miss Fortunes Fool, Running Red Lights and He Is Slipping got their start with Bo, and have gone on to futurity and rodeo success. Bo’s ability to make a horse that is easy to take to the futurities and win on, has earned her the nickname the “Trainer’s Trainer.” In this video, Bo shows you how she has created some of the most sought after equine athletes in the barrel racing industry.

Bo will help you to pick a prospect whose breeding and conformational qualities will make his job easy and enjoyable. Her assertion that “it’s okay to get beat, but it’s not okay to get out run”, makes it easy to understand why she looks for prospects with certain physical attributes that are statistically strong indicators of speed. She explains why it’s easier to “make a fast horse turn, than make a slow horse fast”, and her advice will make it easy for you to select your next prospect.

In addition to helping you select a quality horse, Bo demonstrates her daily workout routine for a young horse just learning the pattern as well as the routine for her older horses. You’ll see how she rides them, and she’ll tell you how she keeps a horse from feeling too much pressure as she starts them on the pattern. Part of Bo’s training program is creating a bond between herself and the horses she trains, and her rapport with the horses she rides in the video illustrate how that relationship translates into the ride. Bo is tuned in to her horses, and she knows exactly what each one needs at any given time during their work out. You’ll come away from this video with exercises for beginners and finished horses, and you’ll understand how to get a big stop on your horse when you simply “quit riding.”

This video is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders, as some of the concepts and exercises do require some previous knowledge, and at least average riding ability. The exercises presented here are suitable for horses with a basic riding foundation as well as horses at a more advanced training level. The video addresses the importance of a strong foundation, forward motion and bit selection for the individual horse.

As the video progresses, you will appreciate Bo’s style of riding and philosophy of training more and more. She prides herself on making horses that anyone can ride, and in the fact that her horses often go on to long fruitful careers. Her assertion that she “won’t ruin a horse based on the calendar” is endearing, and it exhibits the respect that she has for the animals that she trains. She’s the “Trainer’s Trainer”, and in this video she shows you how she’s helped so many professionals make those Winning Runs!

As an added bonus, the Winning Tips installment included on this video answers the question “Who is Charlotte Cunningham”, and provides some insight into her qualifications as a trainer. Charlotte will show you how to warm up a laid back horse, and she will explain how her warm up changes when riding a more excitable horse.

Make sure you watch the out takes on this video Bo is a laugh a minute.

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