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The Art of the Garrocha  by John Saint Ryan

The Art of the Garrocha
John Saint Ryan

The garrocha is traditionally used by the vaqueros (Spanish cowboy), as a tool used for sorting bulls in the fields. At some point in time maneuvers with the garrocha combined with classical equitation evolved into the art form we experience today.

It is important the horse is well prepared both physically and mentally to begin training in the Art of the Garrocha. John Saint Ryans unique horsemanship has developed over the years. He is well respected for his knowledge and philosophy in training horses. His clinics and riding instruction are highly regarded .

In this DVD you will find
1. A brief history of the Garrocha.
2. The tack and equipment
3. Exercises on horseback without the Garrocha
4. Exercises on the ground with the Garrocha
5. How to safely introduce the Garrocha to your horse
6. The Basic exercises at the walk and trot incorporating the maneuvers of the Garrocha
7. The Intermediate exercises at the gallop with more demanding maneuvers

John Saint Ryan's skills in Doma Vaquera led him to win the U.S. National Championship three years in succession at all levels from Basico through Intermedio to Alta. His exhibition work with the Garrocha is in great demand.

Also included are highlights from two Exhibitions given at the National Championship in Las Vegas.

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