Dressage Naturally Vol 6: Results in Harmony by Karen Rohlf

Dressage Naturally Vol 6: Results in Harmony
Karen Rohlf

Karen, along with Monty, her 19 yr old Lipizzaner, describes the 9 + 1 Conversations that are necessary to create every dressage maneuver. Your success in doing increasingly complex movements will be dependent on your ability to have excellent communication with your horse about the basic ingredients of those movements.

This is the next layer up from using conversations about Relaxation, Energy and Balance to create a Sweet Spot of Healthy Biomechanics.

Karen talks in real time as she is riding Monty, describing moment by moment what she is thinking of in order to keep track of these conversations. The analogy she uses is that it should feel like she is a conductor conducting an orchestra.

This DVD has a special section where this analogy is re-enacted, in typical Karen Rohlf style, using humor to make it a memorable, fun and useful way to bring high quality to your riding with out adding stress.

About Dressage Naturally and Karen Rohlf

Dressage,Naturally is a name to describe Karen Rohlf's training philosophy, which puts equal importance on the Mental, Emotional and Physical aspects of the horse. Her goal is to achieve the most noble results in dressage while actively preserving and improving her partnership with the horse.

Her priority is to be an excellent horseman...who is also excellent at dressage. Typically, trainers of dressage are most expert at developing the body, and natural horsemen are most expert in developing the mind and emotions. Of course the Mind, Emotions and Body of the horse are all connected; you can't develop one without effecting the other. Each is a doorway into the whole horse, yet each require different strategies to make the change.

The key as an ultimate horseman is to know which system you need to address and to use the appropriate strategy. There are master horsemen who can do this unconsciously. It is the goal of Dressage, Naturally to be conscious of this process and to learn how to be the best we can be for our horses so they can be the best they can be...Combining the knowledge of dressage and natural horsemanship creates horses that are not only super athletes, and natural partners...they become more: They become super natural!

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