No Worries Club - Cold Weather Exercises by Clinton Anderson

No Worries Club - Cold Weather Exercises
Clinton Anderson

Just because winter weather has kept you out of the saddle, it doesn't mean that you have to abandon your horsemanship. In this DVD, Clinton demonstrates several of his favorite exercises to practice when cold weather keeps you out of the saddle and confined to small spaces. Remember, the more you can move your horse's feet forwards, backwards, left and right, the more respectful he will be. Even if you don't have access to an arena, you can practice each of these exercises in the barn aisle and coming in and out of your horse's stall. Working in a small space will be a challenge to see just how responsive and respectful your horse truly is.

If you dedicate yourself to working with your horse throughout the winter months, you will be much happier come spring. If you've reminded your horse how to stay soft and responsive to you, it won't take much to prepare him for your first ride after a winter off. Remember, you get out of your horse what you're willing to put in, so don't let the winter weather keep you from furthering your horsemanship.

January 2010 Issue.

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Natural Horse Training
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