Saddlemaking Construction & Repair Techniques by Dusty Johnson

Saddlemaking Construction & Repair Techniques
Dusty Johnson

An excellent 110-minute long instructional DVD by master saddle maker and leather artisan Dusty Johnson. This is almost two hours of saddle making secrets showing you STEP-BY-STEP how to build your own saddle from start to finish. This DVD mirrors the steps in the book, and you get to watch Dusty Johnson take you through the steps from start to finish. This DVD is the best I've ever seen on saddle making.

About Dusty

Of the few remaining cowboy saddlemakers in Colorado, Dusty Johnson is one of the best known. His knowledge of horses comes from working on cattle ranches, guest ranches and ownership of livery stables. He was a noted professional farrier for more than 25 years. Growing up in Arizona and living in the high mountains of Colorado has given him a deep appreciation and love of the Old West and all that it stood for.

More than 50 years of leatherworking experience with some of the greatest masters of the industry has given Dusty the knowledge to not only create fine leather products for his customers, but to also operate a saddlemaking school for students from all over the world.

He has published many articles about leatherwork and is the author of books and videos of instruction in the art of building saddles and horse related equipment.

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