Intuitive Horsemanship by Ariana Strozzi

Intuitive Horsemanship
Ariana Strozzi

In this DVD, Ariana reveals how horses listen to our energy and the vital role ‘our way of being’ plays in finding that harmony with horses that we all seek. From field observation, horses at liberty in the arena, the round pen and leading the horse ‘in hand’, Ariana shows us how to work with horses from a more intuitive and feeling perspective.

Having grown up with horses and wildlife, she learned early on that the horse's primary source of communication is non-verbal, non-linguistic and highly sensate. She reveals in this DVD how horses listen to our energy and the vital role "our way of being" plays in finding the harmony with horses that we all seek.

Ariana inspires us to open our senses and encourages us to see horses in a new light. She introduces how you can use subtle cues to develop a mutually respectful relationship with horses, where your tools are techniques are secondary, and the horse's willingness and sacred spirit support you in all ways.

About Ariana Strozzi:

Ms. Ariana Strozzi is Cofounder of Strozzi Institute. She received her BA in Zoology from the University of California Davis where she specialized in Animal Behavior Systems and Wildlife Ecology. Ariana works with businesses and individuals to develop effective communication processes, generative focus skills, team and leadership competencies, conflict resolution strategies, integrity and trust. She has developed the powerful metaphor of working with horses to develop mastery and interrelational skills. Her Leadership & Horses™ and Somatic Horsemanship™ programs focus on developing a centered presence, communication, listening, authenticity, vision, intention, balance and intuition.

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