Natural Balance Hoof Care: A Practical Guide to Hoof Care Science & Foot Function for Pleasure & Performance Horses by Gene Ovnicek

Natural Balance Hoof Care: A Practical Guide to Hoof Care Science & Foot Function for Pleasure & Performance Horses
Gene Ovnicek

This four DVD set contains practical information for everyone from horse owners interested in the maintenance of their horse's feet, to seasoned farriers looking for useful information that will compliment their current hoof care knowledge. Also included are episodes of the "Natural Balance Hoof Care Corner" television show from RFDTV.

Disc 1:
*NBHCC Episodes 1-11 - Basic Anatomy & Biomechanics
*NBHCC Episodes 28-30 - Basic NB Barefoot Trimming

Disc 2:
*NBHCC Episodes 17-18 - Farrier Tools & Supplies
*NBHC Overview
Approaching the Horse & Horse Handling
Farrier Positioning & Making the Horse Comfortable
Tool Use & Technique
Brief Exfoliation & Hoof Preparation Overview
Brief Shoe Shaping & Fitting Overview
Using a Hoof Stand Overview

Disc 3:
*Forging & Shoe Modifications
*NBHCC Episodes 40-41 - Forging Demonstration with Mark Plumlee
*Basic Natural Balance Shoeing Protocol

Disc 4:
*Horse Handling Demonstration by Dennis Reis
*NBHCC Episodes 24-27 - Defining Laminitis & First Aid Treatments
*Bonus Information - NBHCC Shows on Horse w/Multiple Issues

Gene Ovnicek is nationally and internationally recognized as a farrier, clinician and researcher. A pioneer in the study of wild horse hoof form and function, Gene has combined his 47 years of farrier experience with the information from other scientific research as a foundation for treating and preventing equine lameness. Gene is currently involved with ongoing research with Dr. Robert Bowker of Michigan State University and Dr. Barbara Page of the Equine Wellness Foundation. The ever evolving Natural Balance® information packed presentations have been featured at some of the most prestigious farrier and veterinarian conferences in the world. In addition to the research projects, teaching and his position with Equine Digit Support System, Inc., Gene still operates a complete farrier practice ranging from performance horses to lameness management and consultation.

Gene Ovnicek and the Natural Balance® information have been published in the American Farrier’s Journal (AFJ), Anvil Magazine, TrailBlazer magazine, Horse Illustrated, Western Horseman, the European Farrier’s Journal, EQUUS and several associated press articles. He has published chapters in major hoof care text books such as “Adams Lameness in Horses”, “Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse”, “The Veterinary Clinics of North America”, the “Natural Balance Hoof Care” Education Set, as well as several self published works and video projects.

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