Happy Horse Solutions with Jane Savoie - Schooling the Walk by Jane Savoie

Happy Horse Solutions with Jane Savoie - Schooling the Walk
Jane Savoie

Lesson 1- Schooling The Walk-42 minutes

The different "walks"-Free, collected, medium, and extended walk
Preparation for the free walk
Teach your horse to chew the reins out of your hands
Keep your horse connected during the transition from free walk to medium walk
Prevent jigging during the transition from free walk to medium walk
Tips to help the lazy horse become more reactive to the leg aids
Breathing the legs
Leg yield to relax a nervous horse
Use your seat to relax a horse who builds tension in the walk
Teach your horse to take responsibility for his walk
How to improve a lateral walk
Keep your horse in front of your leg in a slow walk
Maintain elastic contact for a "bigger" walk
Use connecting aids as the connective tissue between the different walks

Now you can get MORE! --MORE Tools, MORE Exercises, and
MORE Tips so you can have MORE fun while riding and training
your happy horse.

You've been telling me for over 2 years how excited you've been about how much the Happy Horse Home Study Course has helped you systematically train your horse without the expense and hassle of traveling to clinics or importing a clinician to your own facility.

But you've also told me that you have even more training questions. Well, I've heard you loud and clear. So here's what you'll find in the Happy Horse "Problem Solver".

You want help developing your horse's gaits.
You want more exercises to improve your horse's bend so not only can you do better school figures, but also you can do more effective lateral work.
You want more exercises to help develop Suppleness and Adjustability.
You want more exercises to improve "Connection".
You want to know about the Timing of the Aids.
You need more help with Collection
You want more solutions for the horse that doesn't do clean Flying Changes.

In addition, you've told me that you want:

Longer lessons for even more content.
A wide variety of exercises so you have more tools in your toolbox.
Audios that are divided into separate tracks for easy reference.
Illustrations in the manual.
To see even more breeds and different riders with the same problems you have so you can see how they work through them.

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