Common Sense Shoeing - With Special Consideration for the Wet Climate by Mission Farrier School

Common Sense Shoeing - With Special Consideration for the Wet Climate
Mission Farrier School

This DVD series was developed to give viewers a common sense approach to shoeing horses in all types of environments, but with emphasis on the moist environment, when ever and where ever too much moisture challenges the integrity to the over-all health of the foot. At Mission Farrier School, we teach horseshoeing in the Pacific Northwest; however moist environments can found in many places; Hawaii, California, Florida, Kentucky: any place where there are irrigated pastures. The equine foot was designed to be as hard or harder than the environment in which the horse lives and is expected to work. A flexible foot is not a good foot. It is a foot already “at risk”. Living and working as we do in a moist environment, we see a lot of flexible feet, and most of them are in trouble to some degree. If you are a beginning farrier, we believe that if you can learn to shoe horses here; with some common sense, you’ll be able to go anywhere and successfully meet the needs of a horse. If you already have an established farrier business, we hope this DVD will help you evaluate, trim and shoe horses to meet their needs, given the environment in which they live. Thanks for watching.

This is a 2-Disc DVD set with a combined run time of approximately 150 minutes. Highlights include: conformation & environmental considerations, addressing a long-toe & low-heel condition, plus a bonus feature on basic forging skills & techniques.

Presented By:
Mark Plumlee, CJF, RJF, CNBBT, CNBF & CLS
Mission Farrier School, Snohomish, Washington

Mark Plumlee is the Owner and the Instructor at Mission Farrier School. His qualifications are unique, certified through three farrier affiliations CJF (Certified Journeyman Farrier) through the American Farriers Association, RJF (Registered Journeyman Farrier) through the Guild of Professional Farriers, and CNBF (Certified Natural Balance Farrier) and CLS (Certified Lameness Specialist) through the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization. In addition to his certifications, Mark’s Natural Balance experience dates back to its inception. Mark was privileged to travel with Gene Ovnicek back in the early 1990’s as Natural Balance farrier science first emerged. He was the first instructor to successfully integrate Natural Balance farrier science within a formal farrier education program. This gives his students a unique opportunity over all others. Mark has given talks and clinics on all aspects of Hoof Health for over 15 years. No one is better suited at bridging the gap between the old and the new, and at maintaining a common sense approach in everything he does.

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