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Flag Fundamentals by Barbra Schulte

Flag Fundamentals
Barbra Schulte

The Flag Fundamentals Training Program contains 20 short videos on a single DVD covering 16 Simple Tips that build upon each other to help you strategically school your horse on the flag.

In Flag Fundamentals You Will Learn:

How to organize your work on the flag in a systematic way as an effective schooling tool to work your horse on a cow (or just develop a better turn-around).

How to build your horse’s stop, turn-around and then traveling with a flag or a cow (or just traveling in straight lines for all horses).

The “whys” behind each tip so you will be able to apply it to your own horse and situation.

Why and how to work the flag in a creative and versatile way to solve challenges with your horse.

Visual examples of how to do each tip.

Home exercises for the tips so you will have ways to apply the ideas to your own situation.

Common challenges you might encounter trying to execute some of the tips and how to solve them.

Twenty Video Titles:

Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: Tip #1 … Make the Flag Span 100′ Plus

Video 3: Tip #2 … Think in Patterns of Movement

Video 4: Tip #3 … Draw Your Horse Back

Video 5: Tip #4 … Let the Flag Pull Your Horse Through the Turn

Video 6: Tip #5 … Come Out of the Turn in a Trot

Video 7: Tip #6 … Trail the Flag for a Moment

Video 8: Tip #7 … Trot With the Flag

Video 9: Tip #8 … Travel in Straight Lines

Video 10: Tip #9 … Make the Flag the Reason to Correct

Video 11: Tip #10 … Stay Slightly Behind Until a Horse Gets Comfortable

Video 12: Tip #11 … Keep the Flag in Sight for a Horse Who Releases a Cow or the Flag

Video 13: Tip #12 … Mix it up for a Nonchalant Horse

Video 14: Tip #13 … Go Forward for “Wiggling” in a Stop

Video 15: Tip #14 … Back in Short Segments for a Nervous Horse

Video 16: Tip #15 … Move the Flag Quicker for a Slow Footed Horse

Video 17: Tip #16 … Go in Small Circles for a Horse who Loses Attention

Video 18: First Work on the Flag

Video 19: Second Work on the Flag

Video 20: Wrap-up

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