Long Reining Basics by Dan James/Steers

Long Reining Basics
Dan James/Steers

Learn from Road to the Horse 2012 winner Dan James!

Dan Steers and Dan James are the two young men behind Double Dan Horsemanship. Together they educate horses and people with their unique and effective horsemanship program.

In this DVD Dan James from Double Dan Horsemanship will demonstrate the basic skills required for long reining. Long reining is a valuable training tool for all horses. It can be used for a variety of purposes, from mouthing the young horse to teaching a horse to move forward into the contact, re-educating horses with behavioral and training issues as well as further educating the older horse and building strength and flexibility. This DVD will help you develop your skills in long reining through a range of exercises so that you can have confidence in the process of long reining at home.

Long Reining Basics is organized into 16 individual exercises in a simple step-by-step process.

Dan James was the winner of the Annual 2012 Road to the Horse Colt Starting challenge along with fellow Australian horse trainer, Guy Mclean.

Double Dan Horsemanship was first founded in 2009 when Dan James an Dan and Pia Steers settled in North Arm Cove, NSW. Dan & Dan were now having regular entertainment shows and horsemanship clinic bookings around the country.

To date they have performed at every major show and rodeo in Australia and some overseas performances including: Perth royal show, Melbourne Royal show, Adelaide Royal show, Sydney Royal show, NCHA Futurieies, ASH National show, Edinburgh Military Tatoo, National Dressage Championships,Spirit of the Horse, ALEC Openning Ceremony, Equitana Asia Pacific, 2010 World Equestrain Games Kentucky, PBR Newcastle, and 2011 Australias Got Talent!

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