After the Wreck by Steve Edwards

After the Wreck
Steve Edwards

Sandie had a dream to ride her mule she raised. She purchased all of Steve's training DVDs and went to clinics. Thinking she was ready for her fist ride, she made some major mistakes on the trail and she, along with the person who was trying to teach her, ended up in the emergency room.

This video will show you how to improve your trail riding and ground skills with Steve Edwards' step-by-step approach to practical methods of training your mule after the wreck.

Ground foundation
Ground work
Trail riding instruction

Training mules for over 30 years on a working cow and mule ranch, specializing in communication training from the ground and in the saddle

Steve Edwards and his wife Susan make their home on the Queen Valley Mule Ranch in Arizona. Here Steve offers mule and people clinics. Steve provides in depth training in understanding mules and donkeys. He believes training their owners is just as important. Steve offers foundation training for driving, from one to six mules. He teaches packing basics. He offers apprentice programs for the professional, and "baby boomer"programs for the beginner and advanced client. He teaches how to communicate from the ground, helps with problem mules, teaches shoeing, and ranch work. Queen Valley Mule Ranch offers apprenticeship programs for professional mule trainers, colt starting, various levels of showing, pack mules, trail riding, and much more. Steve has designed over 26 training DVD's. He is the designer of mule and donkey saddles, bridles, bits and saddle pads, and various mule and donkey tack. Steve and his wife, Susan travel the United States doing mule and donkey communication seminars, at ranches, stables, horse camps, equine centers, and equine expos. Steve has been featured in Western Horseman. He was also instrumental in establishing the first Mule Training Apprenticeship Program at Pierce College in California and at Central Arizona College. In 1998 Steve began a project of training twelve mules for a riding and driving program at the Phoenix Zoo. He also trained zoo workers to present informational programs on mules, their history, and their abilities.

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