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Ride in Balance by Beth Glosten

Ride in Balance
Beth Glosten

Use the workouts on this DVD to improve body awareness, posture, spine alignment, core strength and body control for improved riding skills.

Beth’s clear instruction will help you perform the exercises safely and correctly to maximize the benefit of your workout time. How you do an exercise is vitally important if you want to improve your body awareness and change unproductive balance and movement habits. Take the time to learn your body’s habits, and how to modify them, so you can do the same while riding.

Ride in Balance with RiderPilates includes:

Introduction and background of Beth’s RiderPilates program (5+ minutes). Click here for sample.
Workout tools – nuts and bolts information to get you started on the right track. This segment includes information about the equipment used in the dvd, as well as a description of the technique of pilates breathing, and the importance of neutral spine alignment for posture and balance (10 minutes).
Basic Workout – 34 exercises clearly described to improve your awareness, strength and coordination. The sequence lasts 38 minutes. Here are some sample clips from the segments of this workout:
Bouncing Warm-up
Spine Awareness Warm-up
Core Work
Leg Work
Arm Work
Intermediate Workout – 44 more challenging exercises to further develop strength, balance, postural support and body control. This sequence lasts 43 minutes. Here are more sample clips from the segments of this workout:
Bouncing Warm-up
Core Work-Planks
Core Work-Quadruped
Leg Work
Arm Work

Preride warm-up – a 10 minute sequence you can do in your barn to prepare for riding!


Licensed MD (retired)
Pilates Method Alliance certified
USDF gold, silver, bronze medalist
USDF “L” judge training program graduate with distinction

In RiderPilates, I combine my lifelong interests in horseback riding and how the human body functions together in one pursuit.

I grew up riding horses with a local Pony Club. I was a typical horse-crazy kid; all free time was spent with my pony or horse. But then realities of “growing up” appeared, and I was off to college, and then some. Horses worked their way back into my life when I got my first job, and I became a student of dressage.

My first career was in medicine, specifically Anesthesiology, specializing in Obstetric Anesthesia. (see “Beth’s Medical Career” for more on this phase of my life). I worked hard to accomplish many goals in academic medicine, but my body paid a price. In 1996 I had my first of two herniated lumbar discs (ouch!) that eventually required surgery. The pain of this condition brought my life into focus – I was not happy, so I made some changes, and left medicine.

It was clear that I needed an ongoing fitness program to keep my back healthy, and to keep me riding dressage. I tried pilates, and was immediately taken by its precision, attention to detail and possibilities for movement education. Plus, my best dressage rides were after my pilates sessions. I was hooked!

I took the course work to make teaching pilates my next career and was certified by the PhysicalMind Institute, as well as the Pilates Method Alliance. I run my business out of my house, and offer both private machine-based sessions as well as small group classes.

After several years, I expanded my pilates teaching into the riding arena by giving rider position-focused lessons using pilates images and breathing techniques to enhance rider function. RiderPilates was born. Lessons and clinics are designed to improve rider posture and balance on horseback helping the rider to move with the horse in harmony.

I am interested in using pilates to enhance riding skills. As well, I find pilates very useful as a bridge between physical therapy and “normal life” in those healing from injuries. I strive to teach the movement principles of pilates in such a way that they are relevant outside the studio and can improve day-to-day function as well as performance in a sport.

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