Clicker Applications by Nancy Camp

Clicker Applications
Nancy Camp

Clicker Training is slang for the scientific term, "operant conditioning", and it is pure magic with horses. Whether you have a problem to solve, like trailer loaded, shying, fear of water, or difficulty bridling, or you just want to have a blast with your horse, I believe clicker training will serve you well. Far from the notion of ‘just teaching the horse tricks,’ employing a system of positive rewards can change the dynamics of any situation you find your self dealing with and switch your horse’s attitude from “No, thanks,” or “I’m outta here,” to “How can I solve this problem?” After all, what is training if it is not behavior modification?

Nancy has been involved in the equine industry since attending the Horsemaster's course at the Potomac Horse Center in 1973. She taught riding and trained horses while attending commercial art school and obtaining her Master's degree in Art History. Nancy managed a variety of equine boarding and training facilities and operated a tack and feed retail store. She worked as a veterinary assistant for eleven years, tending to both large and small animals. As her focus shifted to a holistic approach to equine management, Nancy completed courses of study in acupressure for horses and dogs, equine and canine craniosacral and osteopathic unwinding techniques. Nancy adapted High Touch Jin Shin for use on animals, teaching workshops and producing a video about doing the work with horses. Throughout the years, Nancy has worked with racehorses, hunters and jumpers, three-day and dressage horses, as well as pleasure horses of many different breeds.

Nancy trained as a Connected Riding instructor with Peggy Cummings. She employs the knowledge of body awareness gained from working with guild certified Feldenkrais instructor, Robert Spencer, at EquiMotion workshops in her instruction.

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