How To Train Your Human Vol 3: Cantering the Gaited Horse by Jennie Jackson

How To Train Your Human Vol 3: Cantering the Gaited Horse
Jennie Jackson

The art of correctly cantering with gaited horses has been for a long time a mystery and a frustration to many.

In this Volume, Jennie teaches in a clinic setting first time riders and horses how to correctly canter for the first time out.

This Volume sets the foundational work for more advance cantering movements such as: Canter Cues, The Collected Canter, The Extended Canter, The Counter Canter and finally, Flying Lead Changes and Tempe Changes.

Keeping in mind, cantering a gaited horse is somewhat different than the trotting horse, conformational qualities must be taken in consideration because they are gaited.

Learn what those are and how to understand the mechanics of gaited horses.

Jennie's history is a long and successful one in the Tennessee walking horse Breed. After a brief stint dabbling in the arena of soring in the late 1970s, she made a willful and consciences career change to cease and desist in soring and go back to her roots in her training of Dressage and Centered Balance Riding. She became an outspoken advocate and ombudsman for the horses.

She was a founding member of the West Coast's National Plantation Walking Horse Association, and The Pacific Coast Walking Horse Association in Southern California becoming the first clubs to stand on their own outside the Middle Tennessee Regulatory Association,

In 1985 she participated in the CNN Report on the soring of the Walking Horses by demonstrating for the first time publicly on National Television how soring was done to these horses. This revelation caused a major movement against the mistreatment perpetrated on these horses for the purpose of entertainment that rages on today. She divulged "Trade Secrets" likened to a magician breaking the code of never revealing the secrets behind their trade.

Jennie has presented the textbook example of the standardized Walking Horse in many shows across this Nation. She has won Grand and World Championship awards at The National Celebration, The Walking Horse Owners Association International World Grand Championship, The National Walking Horse Association, and The Friends of the Sound Horse Association along with The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association World Versatility shows. Garnering numerous Trainer and Horse High Point Awards; along with three of her children have winning the several Youth High Point Championships.

Jennie developed Dressage as Applied to Gaited Horses as an alternative and more humane way of training and riding the Tennessee Walking Horse in the 1980s perfected it and introduced it to the breed in 1998. She helped write and participated in the first Dressage Test within the Gaited Horse Community in 2000.

In 2006, she presented the first Dressage En Gait Musical Freestyle using Prix St. George Movements at The Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY.

Requested around the world to exhibit and teach Dressage En Gait as a Clinician she continues to promulgate the discipline.

Holding that good things do come to those that wait and work hard; Jennie was formally invited to exhibit her Dressage En Gait Musical Freestyle using Prix St. George Movements at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games as the official breed representative of The Tennessee Walking Horse.

Meaning to gain worldwide acceptance of Dressage En Gait Jennie now presents all the gait descriptions, and adapted test for inclusion into the United States Equestrian Federation and The United States Dressage Federation.

Believing that the framers of Dressage would be very pleased to see Dressage As Applied to the Gaited Horse, which now would apply to every breed of horse and not just the trotting horses.

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