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Hooking On by Warwick Schiller

Hooking On
Warwick Schiller

The “Hooking On” series shows Warwick working with a troubled Morgan mare with behavioral issues. She is inattentive and tends to want to run over the handler.

To Warwick, step one of the educating or re-educating of horses is the ‘Hooking On’ process. In his own words “It’s where they learn how to learn.” The process has an amazing number of benefits including improving forward motion, bettering a horse’s focus, and instilling an inclination to stand still and quietly which makes them easy to catch.

“What is learned in the ‘Hooking On’ process are things that carry over to every other aspect of your relationship with your horse, which makes being around your horse a much more enjoyable and safe experience.”

Please be aware that the Warwick Schiller video series are compilations extracted from his online subscription site and ARE NOT full-production quality mastered DVDs.

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