Warwick Schiller October 2013 by Warwick Schiller

Warwick Schiller October 2013
Warwick Schiller

October 2013 DVD TOPICS:

A Dressage Horse That Won’t Go Forward Part 1
A Dressage Horse That Won’t Go Forward Part 2
A Groundwork Lesson With An Arabian That Rears Under Saddle
First Ride Outside on The Bucking Warmblood
Effective Rope Handling Techniques

Please be aware that the Warwick Schiller video series are compilations extracted from his online subscription site and ARE NOT full-production quality mastered DVDs.

A lifelong rider, Warwick Schiller moved from his home country of Australia to the United States to pursue his dream of training horses.

He focused on reining, his passion, eventually going on to become an NRHA (National Reining Horse Association) Reserve World Champion and also representing Australia in reining at the 2010 Alltech World Equestrian Games.

Somewhere along the way of learning to train reining horses, Warwick came to understand a thought process; a way of dealing with horses that crossed all boundaries of breed or discipline. This thought process involves a high level of understanding the nature of horses, something that doesn't need to be taught to them, as it is something they already understand.

Warwick's ability to solve horse problems is a skill that only the world's finest horsemen possess, but his unique gift lies in his ability to explain the how, why and when of what he does with the horses.

Warwick now trains horses and conducts clinics at the state of the art, Gilroy Gaits facility in Hollister, CA, as well as conducting popular horsemanship and reining clinics around the world.

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Natural Horse Training
Problem Horse

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