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A Clinic with Sandy by Sandy Collier

A Clinic with Sandy
Sandy Collier

"A Clinic with Sandy"is a must for anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to attend one of Sandy's clinics live, prepartion for going to one or a refresher if you've already attended one. It is the one dvd that a lazy horse hopes you'll never buy, but a green one will be glad you did!

It is a 3 dvd live clinic series with clinic participants demonstrating:

Guiding, steering and collection exercise


Slide stopping and fencing

Lead changes with multiple exercises

Working cattle in the round pen

Reading cattle

Getting started going down the fence

More advanced fencework

And lots of information about training, how horses think, and Sandy's signature philosophy of how to ride smarter not harder

This title is in the following categories:

Cutting/Cow Horse
WESTERN - Under Saddle

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