Colt-Starting - The First Ride by Ty Evans

Colt-Starting - The First Ride
Ty Evans

Colt starting has always fascinated me and I find a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction working with mules that are young and new to the world. In this video you will see me put a first ride on a 5 year old molly mule “Daisy” that has never been ridden. This mule belongs to a friend of mine and he has done a great job preparing the mule for this ride by completing all the ground work that we demonstrate in our Ground Work Basics DVD. You’ll see me review a few steps regarding ground work followed by helping the mule create good habits when mounting and finally we get to put a ride on this mule. We understand that not every mule is the same and your mule may be different, but if you have sincerely done a good job with your ground work then the first ride should be similar to what you will see in this video. We hope this DVD encourages you to get out and spend some time with your mules and especially the young ones.

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