Off Track Thoroughbred Series, Tricky Warrior by Clinton Anderson

Off Track Thoroughbred Series, Tricky Warrior
Clinton Anderson

In this DVD series, you will see Clinton travel to Ruidoso Downs Race Track in New Mexico to meet "Tricky Warrior", a Thoroughbred who isn't living up to his full potential on the track. Clinton takes on the 3-year-old gelding, whom he nicknames Tricky, to demonstrate how with the correct training racehorses can have meaningful second careers.

"Thoroughbreds are beautiful creatures - they're sleek, elegant, athletic and are extremely intelligent," Clinton says. "Unfortunately, every year thousands get washed up at tracks across the country because they're too slow, they're past their prime or they get injured. That doesn't have to mean their lives are over. With the correct training, racehorses can have second careers and make great partners long after their race days are over."

Once Clinton is able to start working with him, Tricky settles into his new life and starts training with the Downunder Horsemanship Method. Clinton startsy by working with the gelding in the roundpen, earning his trust and respect, and he quickly progresses to groundwork exercises on line and riding exercises.

In this DVD series, you will see Clinton detail the steps he takes to retrain Tricky, who at first is extremely reactive, but soon relaxes in his new job. Before long, Tricky is negotiating obstacles on course, including logs, coops, ditches and bridges, and being ridden in a group on trails.

"By the end of the series you'll have a roadmap to success detailing how you can give an off-the-track Thoroughbred a new start in life and ensure he has a career he enjoys," Clinton explains.

As Clinton takes you behind the scenes to selecting an off-the-track prospect and walks you through the retraining process, the 13-part series is as much inspiration as it is instruction.

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