The Changing Paradigm by Frank Levinson

The Changing Paradigm
Frank Levinson

This Aspen Community Television production is a one-hour show featuring Franklin being interviewed about his origins, the development of his philosophies around horses and horse training. This is a comprehensive look at the man himself, who he is and his mission. It is mostly shot in a studio with several short location clips.

The Changing Paradigm TV Show contains primarily interviews centering on my philosophies around horses and their training. They are a good look at the concepts I put forth in all my work with both humans and horses."
Franklin Levinson

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Franklin Levinson's mission is to enhance and enrich the horse/human relationship wherever and whenever possible by teaching humans how to compassionately and effectively interact with their horses.

Whether a competitive rider, trail rider, Western or English discipline, your success with your equine is based on the depth and quality of the trust you have established with your horse, along with appropriate and practiced skills and clear and practical knowledge about horses.

Franklin has 40+ years experience as a professional horseman. Long before the 'natural horsemanship' craze, Franklin was teaching and training horses using his own gentle, effective methods. Experience one of the few, true remaining innovators of gentle, successful horsemanship, as well as Equine Facilitated Learning, by attending a Franklin Levinson seminar.

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