Maypine Farm Series - Harry by Frank Levinson

Maypine Farm Series - Harry
Frank Levinson

"Pushy, Aggressive, violates personal space"

Covers the following topics:

~ Lunging/Free Lunging
~ Establishing Leadership
~ Setting Boundaries
~ Developing Trust

The Maypine Farm 4 DVD Series depict a variety of techniques which are easy to do, and explained and demonstrated quite thoroughly. It is intended for those who have owned or been around horses somewhat in their lives.

Each disc forcuses on a separate, common area of frustration amongst horse owners and riders such as trailer loading, or dealing with fearful or aggressive horses. On each disc, Frank exhibits his gentle horsemanship techniques and show you how to achieve lasting results, while at the same time enhancing the relationship you have with your horse.

This title is in the following categories:

Problem Horse
WESTERN - Groundwork

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