Gaits from God  by Brenda Imus

Gaits from God
Brenda Imus

Discover the Secrets to Owning and Riding Gaited Horses in 3 DVDs

This one–of–a–kind three–DVD set is the most comprehensive instructional overview of gaited horses ever produced. Brenda Imus—the leading gaited horse clinician in the US—thoroughly explains the ins–and–outs of riding, training, and caring for the gaited horse. Whether your passion is Paso Finos, Tennessee Walking Horses, Missouri Fox Trotters, or another gaited breed, the basic tenants of Imus’ philosophy apply: proper hoofcare, appropriate bitting, good saddle-fit, and educated riding will help you optimize your horse’s natural gaits; prevent back, hock, and stifle problems; and enjoy the happy partnership both you and your horse deserve.

Disc 1: Bitting, Trimming, and Equitation

75 minutes

Disc 2: Understanding Gaits and Conformation

51 minutes

Disc 3: Gait Training and Problem Solving

79 minutes

BRENDA IMUS is the world’s most widely recognized authority on the subject of gaited riding horses, actively traveling throughout the US and Canada teaching and presenting at clinics and expositions. She is the author of two books and the gaited horse column for Trail Rider magazine, and has served as a consultant for EQUUS magazine. In addition to her teaching and writing, she designed the Imus 4–Beat saddle built specifically to accommodate the needs of gaited horses and improve their overall performance. She and her husband breed and train a variety of gaited horses on their farm in southwestern New York State.

205 minutes total

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