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Colt Starting by Ray Hunt

Colt Starting
Ray Hunt

You’ll see this master horseman interact naturally with young horses, without gimmicks or abuse. You’ll experience and begin to understand the mental togetherness that eliminates forcing and leads a horse to learn to accept your ideas as his ideas. Ray Hunt’s attitude and philosophy about the horse and its relationship to its rider, combined with his techniques that have been refined over 30 years with thousands of colts, can be one of the #1 influences of your lifetime with horses.

The Man
Ray Hunt has started more than 10,000 colts. For the last 30 years he has been giving educational clinics throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. Here Ray shares techniques and philosophy that apply to all riding disciplines. And here, in just a few days, colts get the best possible start to a lifelong relationship with riders. As Ray often mentions to folks - ‘I’m here for the horse—to help him get a better deal’. Spend three days with America’s most effective horseman as he starts four previously unridden colts. The Ray Hunt Colt Starting Clinic you’ve always wanted to attend — Ray himself working with the colts from the ground!

The Contents
More than 5 hours of hands - on instruction contained on 2 DVDs

These DVDs contain material and instruction rarely seen by any but Ray’s personal friends. Here Ray works with colts at a depth not often seen in any horse training videotape. A major lesson to learn from Ray Hunt is that the beginning is not only the most interesting, but he most important part of a horse’s education. Here you’ll see all four colts achieve important ‘firsts’ - first saddling, first bridling, first ride, first group ride, and on to beginning training exercises. This is what sets up a horse’s career for success, no matter what breed or discipline. An important and unusual aspect of this video series is that it is presented almost in real time. Instead of just showing ‘before’ and ‘after’, leaving out what (and how long) it might take to achieve various training mileposts, what you see is what actually happened. Or as Ray would put it, you’ll get to see ‘what happened before what happened, happened.’ All sequences were photographed using broadcast-quality cameras. Real-time duplication was used (SP mode) to preserve fidelity and to give long -lasting quality training tapes that you can enjoy over and over again.

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