The Trail Riding Series - Training From The Heart by John Lyons

The Trail Riding Series - Training From The Heart
John Lyons

This collection offers a broad overview of topics including ground work, riding and performance segments. “Ground Work” segments cover issues relating to ground behavior; “Riding” for cues, exercises, and manners from the horse’s back; and “Performance” segments for some advanced cues, maneuvers and rein control.

Each part is designed to introduce training tips and ideas to improve your skills. This six-hour collection is an excellent introduction to numerous subjects such as:

DVD #1: Catching Your Horse, Calm Down Cue, Bridling, Overcoming Rider Fear, Directional Control, Turning Your Horse Out, Buddy Sour Behavior, Giving to the Bit, Stopping and Shoulder Control.

DVD #2: Standing Still for Mounting, Kicking on the Trail, Turns on the Forehand, Biting Horses, Riding with Other Horses, Hip Control, Pecking Order, Speed Control, Picking Up Leads, Go Forward Cue, Eating on the Trail, and Understanding the “Reins-to-Feet” Connection.

DVD #3: Leading, Spooking, Collection, Crossing Obstacles, Sidepassing, Rollbacks, Jigging, Collected Stop, Riding Up and Down Hills, Crossing Water and Transitions.

Special Bonus: John explains the development, proper use and benefits of his Round Pen.

Total Run Time: Approximately 6 hours

This title is in the following categories:

Natural Horse Training
Trail Riding

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