Turning Loose by Ray Hunt

Turning Loose
Ray Hunt

"It's hard to change the human. It's easy to change the horse, but it's hard to change the human." - Ray Hunt

Ray Hunt is a cowboy with a mission. One of the country's top horsemen, Hunt is a familiar American hero with a surprising slant on what horsemanship is all about. With unorthodox methods, he emphasizes cooperation and respect over coercion. Hunt not only out-cowboys the cowboys, but also persuades others that getting along with a horse means working on ourselves.

Using superb footage from colt-breaking clinics in Tennessee, Wyoming, Texas and Utah, TURNING LOOSE is an inspiring introduction to Hunt and his work that also offers significant and unexpected insights into human nature. The film includes interviews with both skeptics and converts, and reveals how Hunt himself changed from the muscle-and-guts cowboy he used to be, into a trainer who believes in "letting the horse come up with the ideas". As colts and riders learn together, achieving spectacular results in a brief period of time, the revolutionary nature of this ancient wisdom becomes increasingly evident.

Sharing what Hunt and others have learned from horses about finding harmony in life, TURNING LOOSE uncovers a way of being, with applications from education to interpersonal relations. As Ray Hunt puts it: "If I've helped the human, I've helped the horse. If I've helped the horse, I've helped the human."

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Colt/Foal Training
Natural Horse Training

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