Leg Control: 3 PERSPECTIVES - Cleve Wells, David Dellin & Tina Kaven by Cleve Wells

Leg Control: 3 PERSPECTIVES - Cleve Wells, David Dellin & Tina Kaven
Cleve Wells

This DVD is explained in detail by Cleve Wells, David Dellin and Tina Kaven. It is designed to benefit people already showing. Understand leg conrol from three perspectives. Cleve Wells, Tina Kaven, David Dellin all expound on their methods.

This is all proven material there is no guess work here! This is what these three top trainers do at a show and during training. All three bring a different angle, Cleve offes the long legged David the medium legged and Tina the woman's perspective on leg control. There is alot of information on the theory of the spur stop.

The objective of this DVD is to offer you an abundance of information so that you may pick and choose from each program to fit your horse, body, leg, temperament and environment. After viewing this DVD, I guarantee that you will enhance your ability to show and maximize your horse's performance. you will see that we each have different terminology and style, but we all achieve the same goal.

This DVD makes you want to get out and ride your horse.

Approx. 2 hours long.

Cleve Wells has trained and produced 17 AQHA World Champions and Res. World Champions. He has trained the only 2 horses in AQHA history to win all 3 World titles with 3 different riders (open, amateur and youth). He is currently doing seminars and clinics introducing his training program. These clinics demonstrate his fortunate ability, not only to train, but to be able to explain to others how to successfully show and train their horses at a world class level.

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