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Training Through Trust by Frank Levinson

Training Through Trust
Frank Levinson

To be good with horses at a high level, we as humans have to come forward with our best qualities and attributes."

In this program, internationally acclaimed horseman, Franklin Levinson demonstrates how successful relationships with horses can be achieved through compassion, kindness, skillful precision, patience, clarity and real knowledge of great leadership. The clear step-by-step methods demonstrated by Franklin in this unique DVD produced on his UK tour offers the possibility of communication with horses at the deepest level.

And nowhere is this deepest level more evident than in the techniques and processes which can be sensitively and effectively employed with challenged children, or for matter anyone in our society who could benefit from a higher level of functioning. Franklin introduces the powerful Equine Facilitied Learning Program demonstrating how immediate results can be achieved, plus participant, professional and spectator responses and discussion about these effective, gentle training techniques on horses and humans alike.

"My Training Thru Trust dvd is absolutely perfect for 'entry level' horse people or persons just getting into horses. It is also terrific for families with children who are becoming involved with horses. The first half contains demonstration and instruction in basic horse handling techniques. The second half is devoted to Equine Facilitated Learning. Again, for families with children becoming involved with horses this dvd is exceptional.

Franklin Levinson

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Beginner Level
Children Oriented
Natural Horse Training

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