Riding in Your Mind's Eye: Part 1 by Jane Savoie

Riding in Your Mind's Eye: Part 1
Jane Savoie

Jane Savoie shows how “riding in your mind’s eye” will help you reach your personal best. She reveals the secret that elite athletes have known for years—the power of visualization to affect performance. Jane’s premise is that practice doesn’t make perfect; “perfect” practice makes perfect. By reprogramming your mind with correct mental pictures—that is, vivid images of movements ridden well—you can etch the right pictures in your mind’s eye.

Each segment of the program contains a brief description of a movement and then breaks down the aids in a simple-to-understand way; this is followed by a "perfect" practice section where you're left to quietly absorb the "perfect" pictures. By watching these demonstrations over and over, and replaying them in your mind's eye on a regular basis, you will improve your riding skills even when you're not on your horse! Jane explains the rider’s position and movements and exercises required of the Training Level horse, including:

- alternating from rising to sitting trot
- upward and downward transitions
- 20-meter circles
- shallow loops in the trot
- changes of direction
- transitions from medium walk to free walk and back again.

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Natural Horse Training

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