How to Train and Maintain Your Own Reining Horse by Les Vogt

How to Train and Maintain Your Own Reining Horse
Les Vogt

"How to Train and Maintain Your Own Reining Horse" is a two DVD set that offers two and a half hours of detailed training information from nine professional reining and cow horse trainers. These trainers have not only proven themselves as successful competitors in the show ring, but are talented teachers and communicators as well. The multiple trainer concept is the most innovative approach yet to teach contemporary horse training techniques. This program will increase your understanding of a wide variety of topics such as stopping, roll backs, lead departures, lead changes, steering and speed control. These videos convey not only the execution, but the underlying psychology in helping you to teach these maneuvers to your horse.

Learn to get into your horse's mind. Learn what a horse is capable of giving and how much to legitimately ask of him. Teach your horse to read your body, legs and hands. Learn to set your horse up correctly and put him in a position to win.

DVD #1 starts with Donnie Bricker of Temecula, CA. Donnie discusses his stopping program and the theory behind it. Donnie's horses are some of the hardest stopping horses in the industry and he does a nice job showing why.

David Hanson of Clements, CA. talks about teaching the lead change to a green horse. David also explains the use of some specific drills that enhance a horse's confidence and will help remove the anticipation that sometimes accompany the lead change.

Joe Schmidt of Gilroy, CA. demonstrates his techniques to train and maintain the rollback. Joe emphasizes teaching the maneuver in a way that allows the horse to do it correctly even if the rider cues the horse wrong. His simplistic approach is a real benefit to pros and non-pros alike.

Our final trainer on DVD #1 is Les Vogt of Santa Maria, CA. Les explains his approach to show preparation with regard to the turnaround. Les stresses the importance of maintaining the horse's confidence and self esteem in show preparation and general training alike.

DVD #2 begins with Tanya Jenkins of Temecula, CA. Tanya speaks about the importance of a good lead departure, and demonstrates some techniques to refine the maneuver .

Warwick Schiller of Gilroy, CA. explains the psychology and the technique of putting a solid steering foundation on a two year old. Warwick explains the importance of the rider understanding the concept of pressure and release when asking for a proper response from the horse.

Mario Boisjoli of Agua Dulce, CA. teaches lead change exercises for the less experienced rider. These exercises are designed to give the rider the needed practice without interfering with the training that is already on their horse.

Gary Roberts of Murrieta, CA. discusses tuning and trouble shooting the turnaround maneuver. Gary also touches on introducing the turnaround to a young horse.

Our final trainer on DVD #2 is Mike Boyle of Ione, CA. Mike explains the finesse of speed control with body cues only. Mike demonstrates drills that will teach your horse speed control without pulling on the reins

While this program is based upon the maneuvers found in a reining pattern, the training principles will apply to any type of riding. Whether you rein, rope, run barrels, ride dressage, jump or just trail ride, this program will help develop a better working relationship between you and your horse. The insight and advice in this program will apply to any discipline in which you choose to participate.

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