Reining Essentials: Circles & Lead Changes by Sherman Tegtmeier

Reining Essentials: Circles & Lead Changes
Sherman Tegtmeier

Circles and lead changes are critical components to every reining pattern. In this video, Sherman Tegtmeier goes in depth on several drills and schooling techniques geared toward improving circles and lead changes. Tips for maintaining the show horse are also covered as are problem solving techniques.

This video also contains advanced bending drills that will help you take allyour reining manuevers to the next level.

Reining is one of the fastest growing equine sports in the world. It is also Nebraska performance horse trainer Sherman Tegtmeier's passion. His Reining Essentials series is targeted to the rookie and non-pro division riders who want to increase their skill level, their horse's training, and their competitive edge. This DVD is part of a 6 DVD series that covers how to train and drill on all the manuevers in NRHA reining patterns as well as tips for the show pen. It will help you build your horse's responsiveness and suppleness as well as hone your reining manuevers.

Sherman Tegtmeier is a highly successful performance horse trainer who specializes in training and showing reining horses. He has won numerous world, national and regional championships. Tegtmeier has a reputation for being an excellent coach, teacher and clinician. His monthly column in Equestrian Central Magazine is read by many Midwestern reining enthusiasts.

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