Foundation Level I Study Series - Les Vogt by Les Vogt

Foundation Level I Study Series - Les Vogt
Les Vogt

Foundation Level Study Series - Les Vogt

The Foundation Level covers all the early training that goes into a top notch performance horse. Les shows you how to create softness in the neck and body control with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach. Plus the material in the foundation level isn’t just for reining and cowhorses, but can improve your performance in any discipline. We’ve received sensational feedback from riders telling us that their barrel, horsemanship and even dressage patterns have improved dramatically after going through the program with their horses.

To show you how it is really done this program includes Les riding 2-year-old colts, making all of the same mistakes that yours do at home. It’s definitely not like the finished horses you see in so many videos, where you scratch your head and say, “But how do you get to there?”

This program works!
You will also enjoy seeing these horses performing at the 2004 Snaffle Bit Futurity in Reno – where all three placed! There is no question this program works!

In addition, you’ll see riders in Les’ clinics taking their first try at many of the exercises so you can learn right along with them as Les coaches them through common problems and mistakes.

Who will get the most out of these programs?
Anyone who is looking for an intelligent and logical approach to help them become a better rider and train a better horse. Even if your goal is to send your horse to a trainer for top-level competition, you’ll learn enough through these programs to be able to spend less of your time (and money) on basics and let you jump ahead to a much higher level!

First of Three
This Foundation Program is the first of a three-part series that will instruct riders on developing solid maneuvers and then share Les’ strategies and tips for having a successful experience in the show pen. Separate cattle programs will teach riders how to create competition-level horses for the herd and fence work.

With this program you'll learn to:

- Focus on the most important element for creating a high-performance horse – an element that’s seriously overlooked by many riders

- Appreciate the elements of a great performance foundation and how critical it is to success at higher levels

- Think your way through resistance and “change the subject” if you feel a fight coming on, then approach the problem from another angle

- Learn to handle your bridle in a way that will put a soft, responsive mouth on virtually any horse

- Start your turnarounds with the correct form so your horse can build speed confidently and consistently

- Start developing the form that will lead to hard-driving stops later on – stops that just melt to the ground

- Develop the shoulder and hip control you must have to consistently get correct lead departures and changes

- Utilize dozens of other tricks and tips that can only be learned from someone who has spent a lifetime riding and showing at the championship level

**Please note, rentals do NOT include any printed material, just the DVD discs.

Disc 1 Contents:

- Meet Les Vogt
- Intro the Program
- Using Your Hands
- Feet and Seat
- Dental
- Lateral Flexion
- Tieing Back
- Vertical Flexion
- Developing Feel
- Excercise #2
- Shoulder In and Out
- Intro to Excercises 3 & 4

Disc 2 Contents:

- Backing
- Alignment
- Elevator Bit
- Developing Lightness
- Riding the Fresh Horse
- Starting Turnaround
- Using the Tail of Your Reins

Disc 3 Contents:

- Collected Stop
- More on Excercises 3 & 4
- Circles and Departures I
- Circles and Departures II

Disc 4 Contents:

- Excercise #5
- Dealing with the Belligerant Horse
- Improving Turnarounds
- Herd Work - Maggie
- Reining (Dry Work) - Tricky
- Fence Work - Bella
- Tricky in the Hackamore

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